Research Assistant

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Ana Rita Manique lives and works in Caldas da Rainha. She has a degree in Plastic Arts from – Politécnico de Leiria, where she is currently attending the Master in Product Design. From 2020 to 2022, she was a tutor in the engraving and serigraphy workshop at ESAD.CR, and in 2022 she started her work as a researcher in the scholarship “Oficina de Tipo” – LIDA. Her research interests focus on the area of typography and print media, in order to study and recover old technologies of manufacture of movable type, for reproduction in analog and digital media. She has other research interests in Design, which she explores in her Master’s thesis, such as the creation of objects and equipment with the aim of inviting the observer to contemplate and pause in the natural landscape.

And 2021, was awarded at the 10th International Printmaking Festival 2021, in Bilbao, Spain, within the program “Los Cubos de Las Tentaciones”. She received a training and production scholarship to study in one of the modules of the Master’s in Graphic Work.