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Carla M. Cardoso is a designer, teacher and cultural manager. Graduated in Product Design at Architecture Faculty of the Lisbon University she is director of Iminente where she coordinates several projects, with special highlight to Festival Iminente and Bairros: Artistic Community Workshops Iminente. She is Professor in the degrees of Industrial Design, Programming and Cultural Production and in the masters of Product Design and Cultural Management at ESAD.CR. Between 2002 and 2012 she was coordinator of production and programme development at experimentadesign. She was production director of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale (2012) and the Est Art Fair (2014), executive coordinator of doclisboa’13 (2013), Projecto Sociedade(SNBA, 2013/2014), European Creative Hubs Forum (British Council, 2015), Choose Architecture programme (OASRS) and the exhibition Architecture in Competition (CCB, 2016), Paradisaea (Lux-Frágil, 2018), the exhibitions Agriculture and Architecture(2019) and The Sea is Our Land (2020) at the South Garage of CCB. In 2022 she was co-curator with Alexandre Farto and António Brito Guterres of the exhibition Interferences – Emerging Urban Cultures at maat. Since 2007 she is co-director of Associação Futuro where she co-directed several programmes and applications.