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Daniela Marques is an ESAD.CR alumni, from which she received a bachelor degree in Graphic and Multimedia Design (2020), and a master degree in Design for Health and Wellbeing (2023). During her master’s dissertation she worked alongside designers, public health doctors, city hall representatives, nurses, and other researchers at the preparatory phase of LISA cohort study, and in the publication of diverse articles.

From Sep 2021 to Mar 2023 she was the chairperson of Polytechnic of Leiria’s Student Council in RUN-EU. In 2022 she won a RUN-EU mobility research scholarship, that allowed her to work with researchers in UCT research centre at FHV (Austria).

Currently, enrolled in the PhD program of Design at University of Porto, she is doing research related to the creation of tools or strategies to help prevent burnout in healthcare professionals, while working as an Experienced UX/UI Designer at Deloitte Portugal.

She tends to look at problems and challenges as a way to find new solutions, counting on creativity and empathy to be part of the process. Her interests are principally aligned with design for health and wellbeing, design research, writing and graphic design.




Dias, Sara; Santos, Estêvão; Alves, Bartolomeu; Gabriel, Tiago; Netto-Rocha, Constança; Marques, Daniela; Passadouro, Rui

Poster published in XL Reunión Anual de la Sociedad Espanola de Epidemiologia, XVII Congresso da Associação Portuguesa de Epidemiologia (conference 30th Aug to 2nd Sep 2022, San Sebastian) – “LISA – ESTUDO DE COORTE DA LITERACIA EM SAÚDE”


Daniela, Marques; Constança, Netto-Rocha

Article in press and presentation in EhSemi2022 Seminário de estudantes em tecnologias digitais e saúde/ bem-estar (conference 3rd Feb 2022 – University of Aveiro) - "Design Approaches: Health Literacy capacitation in the County of Leiria"