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Mário Caeiro is a lecturer, a cultural programmer, a curator, and a researcher in the field of urban culture and public art. He is the author of Arte da Cidade – História Contemporânea [Art in the City – Contemporary History], published in 2014 (Círculo de Leitores/Temas e Debates).

Active since 1995 as an independent curator interested in transdisciplinarity, rhetorics, public space, and the city, some of his best-known projects are Lisboa, Capital do Nada – Marvila 2001 [Lisbon, Capital of Nothing – Marvila 2001] (2001-2002), Luzboa – Bienal Internacional da Luz [Luzboa – International Biennale on the Theme of Light] (2004/2006), Lux Scientia (2012-3), Cosmic Underground (2012), Lux Matrix Tallinn (2015-6) or Lightcraft Belmonte (2015-9).

Project VICENTE, a yearly urban culture initiative for Projecto Travessa da Ermida in Lisbon (2011-8), and the Light Festival BELLA SKYWAY (Toruń, Poland), happening since 2009, are other aspects of his career, which alongside independent exhibitions and urban interventions extends to work in Graphic Design and the production of texts (most relevant available here:

In 2019, he curated the exhibition Vicente. O Mito em Lisboa (Palácio Pimenta, Museu de Lisboa) and the book Vicente. Símbolo de Lisboa. Mito Contemporâneo (Theya). In 2022 he curated MADNICITY in Isola di San Servolo, Venice.

He also curated and organized several transdisciplinary conferences, among which ‘Desenhar a Luz’ (2003), ‘Efémero.Criação.Acontecimento’ (2008), ‘Político.Criação.Valor’ (2010-11), ‘Urbano.Criação.Interface’ (2016), ‘Art as gestation of the Public Sphera.’ (2021-2). Caeiro currently curates the multidisciplinary program of TARS – ARTE DE SER TERRA, in Torrão, Alentejo.

Ph.D. in Visual Arts and Intermedia by Universidade Politecnica de Valencia (Spain), with a thesis about the rhetorics of art in the city, Caeiro is a Communication Designer (ESBAL), also graduated in Comparative Literary Studies. Holds a Master’s in German Studies (FCSH-UNL) and a Post-Graduation in Urban Design (CPD/FBAUL/Universidade de Barcelona). Was awarded the title of Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, in 2005. Teaching at ESAD.CR/IPL (Portugal) since 2004.

As a researcher, he integrates LIDA (IPL) and CECC (FCH/UCP). He is also a member of the Editorial Scientific Council of CONVOCARTE (FBAUL).