Pedro Moura is a researcher from Lisbon, with a PhD in Comparative Literature from the Catholic University of Leuven and FLUL. He published, in 2022, Visualing Small Traumas. Contemporary Portuguese Comics at the Intersection of Everyday Trauma by Leuven University Press, and in 2023 Fazer Isto & Asignar, dedicated to the comics work of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, by the artist’s museum in Lisbon. Another academic collection, dedicated to the experimental comic artist Ilan Manouach will soon be published by Routledge.

As a screenwriter for comics he has published many short stories, a novella and online strips, and this summer a new book, with artist João Sequeira, will be published: Como Flutuam as Pedras (A Seita).

Since 2003 he has been teaching history, theory and writing for comics, illustration and animation in several national and international institutions, currently working at ESAD-Caldas da Rainha and Ar.Co school in Lisbon. Also in the area of comics, he is very active as a commissioner, documentary maker, podcaster, gallery/bookstore partner, and critic, writing mostly for his blogs in Portuguese and English, and other social media.

His areas of interest are comics, illustration, animation, iconic-verbal systems, visual storytelling, visual communication, semiosis and cinema.