Ricardo is an assistant teacher at the Graphic Design and Multimedia department of the School of Arts and Design Caldas da Rainha, a member of LIDA research group. Since 2007 he is teaching typography in the undergraduate and master programs, his main research interests are in type design, typography for airports, multi-language scripts and stencils. Ricardo received his master’s degree in 2009 from EINA centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona, he completed his graduation in IADE in 2005 and he also received the specialist statute in 2016, in Audiovisual and Media Production (Graphic Design).

Since 2011 is member of the scientific committee from the Typography Meeting in Portugal, and also a member of ATIPO (Associação de Tipografia Portugal). From 1997 until to 2007 he worked as a graphic designer in many several studios in Lisbon like T-Raso, Insectos, Espectro and Santa Fé. Since 1997, he runs Vanarchiv type foundry, where he had been publishing several typefaces available in Monotype, Fontshop, and Linotype. Type designer and also a member of the collective Tipos das Letras, founded in 2013,  where they had been giving lectures, workshops, and seminars in many educational institutions. Ricardo had two typefaces selected by Typographica as “Our Favorite Typefaces”, Lisboa was selected in 2005 and Tramuntana in 2012.