Research Assistant

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Sara Baptista da Silva is a Portuguese industrial designer with a master’s degree in product design from ESAD.CR. She is committed to designing unique products that focus on functionality, the eco-conscious use of natural resources and research into new materials and production techniques.
She studied at UNIBZ in Bolzano, Italy, where she had the opportunity to be a student of Francesco Faccin and Secil Ugur Yavuz.

She was a research fellow at CDRSP – IPL for almost 3 years, where she was one of the heads of the additive manufacturing laboratory for ceramic materials and plaster.
She worked as a product designer for an interior carpentry company and was responsible for the design and marketing department of the natural stone company Granisel.
She is currently working in the field of physical products on personal projects and in partnership with other designers and artists.

Since 2022 she has been collaborating on product development with the MARE research centre, and some of her projects are part of the Jan Van Eyck Academie’s Future Material Bank archive, while remaining available to explore new horizons in different creative areas.