Artistic Residencies MASI

08.04.24 — 26.04.24

Artistic residencies of the Master's Degree in Arts of Sound and Image in partnership with Associação Cultural Osso | 3rd Edition 2024

Main Researcher

Susana Duarte


Photography 08.04.24 — 12.04.24

Sound Arts 15.04.24 — 19.04.24

Documentary Cinema 22.04.24 — 26.04.24

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Photographic narratives in the village of São Gregório

Pauliana Valente Pimentel

After a visit to the village of São Gregório (with a local “guide”) the students will be led to create a new body of work, which will make use of the photographic language to compose a coherent and appealing narrative.

Sound Arts

Notes for the study of nature: Rites of listening

Nuno da Luz

A workshop to share methodologies aimed at decentralising the space between the two ears.
Focussed entirely on a practice of attentive listening, this short space of time – a period of five days – will be reserved for bringing hearing down from the head to the feet, or by placing it at the fingertips, travelling through the body as vibrating matter, a meeting place for internal and external resonances. Through a series of mindfulness exercises and collective improvisation practices, we will not be studying the supposed “Nature” (with a capital N) of the classic Nature/Culture dichotomy and separation, but rather diverting, via sonic pedagogy, towards a nature-culture in which we are invited to take part via rituals of introduction, mindfulness and mutual responsibility.

Documentary Cinema

Filming the Other – cinema as a relationship

João Rosas

This proposal was born out of a belief in the power and relevance of cinema in these times, when individualism and atomisation seem to have broken down connections between people.
Cinema is not just a storytelling machine. First and foremost, it is a curiosity machine that, since its inception, has invited us to take a closer look at the world and those who inhabit it.
If we believe in it, we’ll see how only cinema allows us to create certain relationships that wouldn’t exist otherwise.
This is one of its riches, if not its greatest – the possibility it gives us to discover the Other, and in this movement of approach and questioning, to discover our own place in the world by discovering how to film it. So let’s accept his invitation, with our arms and eyes wide open, camera and microphone in hand, to try to create a collective film-mosaic over the course of a week, a portrait of the village of São Gregório and the people who live and work there.


Associação Cultural OSSO


This work is financed by national funds through FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, I.P., in the scope of the Programmatic Funding allocated to the Research Laboratory in Design and Arts (LIDA) with the reference “UIDP/05468/2020″.