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Conformal Wood is an additive manufacturing research project using materials based on wood fiber and cork. Embedded in the INOV.AM agenda - Innovation in Addictive Manufacturing, this project aims to address the need to produce highly complex objects in the mentioned materials, while also relying on innovation and the production of the needed equipment production for this purpose

Main Researcher

Renato Bispo


01.07.22 — present

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In the field of civil construction, materials with polymer matrix and natural fiber reinforcement have emerged with the aim of meeting structural construction, cladding, and paving requirements. There has always been a need to produce objects using these materials with greater formal complexity. The Conformal Wood project aims to address these needs by employing additive manufacturing as a production method, while also developing the materials to be used. The focus will be on the utilization and development of a pinbed, an adjustable printing surface, where panels of complex shapes will be produced through the deposition of wooden tapes. The panels and objects resulting from this process will be highly customized, allowing for the construction of facades, interior cladding, and more possibilities that utilize organic forms in wood.







Pronum - Máquinas e Equipamentos, Lda

SOFAMÓVEL – Sociedade de Fabricação de Móveis e Madeira, Lda

WeADD, Lda

Instituto Politécnico de Leiria

Amorim Cork Composites, S.A.


Periplast - Equipamentos Industriais, Lda

AGIX | Innovative Engineering


This work is carried out within the scope of the ‘Business Innovation Agendas’ [Project No. 49, acronym ‘INOV.AM’], supported by the PRR – Recovery and Resilience Plan and the European NextGeneration EU Funds. | Code: C644865234-00000004