Drawing Powers

Between bodies and materiality

Main Researcher

Fernando Poeiras


02.11.21 — present

This project is part of a larger project. That broader project seeks to investigate how the body affects and is affected by the materiality of the contemporary world and by the processes of producing this materiality, particularly in the fields of design and the arts.

Thus, what body happens or emerges in the interactions that constitute our experience of the world and the processes of material production.

The project Drawing Powers, wich was co-founded by Drawing.Matter, already has two stages with the following results:

1. Five essays on the body and materiality in project drawing, using selected drawings from the D.M. collection.

Drawing Powers: Introduction – Drawing Matter

Drawing Powers 2: The Object in the Drawing 

Drawing Powers 3: The Drawing in the Object

Drawing Powers 4: The Drawing-object

Drawing Powers: Conclusions

2. Three sets of exercises co-authored with Matt Page, aimed at promoting the use and study of drawings throuhg the drawing of students. (Two are already published)

Drawing Exercises: Creativity

Drawing Exercises: Design Process – Drawing Matter

Further research on the subject is underway, using more drawings of the collection and the developments of the critical readings of the essays and (eventually) of the results of the exercises, that are expected to lead to a book.




This work is co-founded by national funds through FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, I.P., in the scope of the Programmatic Funding allocated to the Research Laboratory in Design and Arts (LIDA) with the reference “UIDP/05468/2020″ and by Drawing.Matter.org