Main Researcher

Isabel Baraona


2020 — present

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Tipo.PT Website

Tipo.pt aims to collect information on the largest number of books and other printed objects, produced in the context of contemporary art. The English version of the project comprises Tipo.pt database and the Portuguese Small Press Yearbook, the Portuguese version adds interviews to several artists, editors and collectors of artist’s books.

www.Tipo.pt, still in development, is divided in two sections:

– Edition
– Periodicals and collections

Each file is on a piece of work and contains photos, technical information, a short description and, when available, critical texts. Tipo.pt is an archive of affordable and democratic multiples. We are interested in books, magazines, brochures, posters, postcards, newspapers, etc. – being self-publishing, small press, artist’s books, and fanzines, among other typologies. Printed projects in offset, digital and laser, engravings, letterpress, silk-screen and other printing techniques.


Tipo.pt was developed by Isabel Baraona during a post-PhD program at Rennes 2 University, and by Catarina Figueiredo Cardoso in the PhD program in Materialities of Literature at Coimbra University. In November 2020 Tipo.pt became a project supported by LIDA – Laboratório de Investigação em Design e Arte (Research laboratory in Design and Art), a research Unit of IPLeiria, and it is funded by FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology in the context of UIDB/05468/2020.