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Isabel Barreto Fernandes has a Ph.D. in Design from the University of Aveiro, Portugal, where she presented the thesis “Design of Functional Units, Platform for the Development of New Products, University-Industry (U-I)”. She has a Master’s degree in Design and Marketing from the School of Engineering, University of Minho with the dissertation “Development of New Products with Fiber Optics” and a degree in Equipment Design from the University of Lisbon – Faculty of Fine Arts, with the final product design project “Multidimensional Pedagogical-Ludic Equipment – Materials Workshop”. She also obtained a professional training certificate in Innovation Co-creation processes.

She has professional experience in the Ceramic Industry, in the Professional Training Center for the Ceramic Industry in the CAD-CAM area and in Decorative Faience companies, in Alcobaça and Caldas da Rainha.

She is a lecturer at the Polytechnic of Leiria since 2000 and teaches at the School of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha in the Design courses. She has teaching experience in the areas of design and strategy, research methodologies, new product development, drawing, and project methodologies.

She was the sub-director of ESAD.CR in 2013 – 2014, responsible for the academic area. She is a member of the Academic Council of IPLeiria (2017-present). She belongs to the scientific committee of the M23 course of IPLeiria, of the Master of Product Design, and to the scientific committee of the degree in Space Design of
She was a grant holder of the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), BD researcher from 2008-2011. Leonardo da Vinci Program, Portugal.

She has experience in guiding dissertations and master projects in product design and graphic design.
As a researcher, her focus of interest is on New Product Development, Design for Sustainability and Collaborative Design.
She has registered two co-written inventions at INPI – National Institute of Industrial Property.

Polytechnic of Leiria: MARE, ESTM (Peniche) and CI&DEI, ESECS (Leiria), related to the process of reconverting waste into raw materials or new products with higher added value.

Integrated the ciênciARTE Project. Promoted by Centro Ciência Viva do Alviela – Carsoscópio, Rede de Centros da Ciência Viva – Agência Nacional para a Cultura Científica e Tecnológica.

Integrated the project LIMO DO CAIS – Exploração sustentada dos recursos endógenos S. Martinho Porto.MAR-04.03.01-FEAMP-0101.

It is part of the Project Link Me Up – 1000 ideas – Support System for the co-creation of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship (2000-2023). POCI-03-33B5-FSE-072070.

Integrates the Entrepreneurship group and Poliempreende of IPLeiria representing ESAD (2010-current).