Limo do Cais | Project

Sustainable exploitation of the endogenous resources of São Martinho do Porto

Scientific Coordinator

Isabel Barreto Fernandes


04.04.19 — 31.12.21

Limo do Cais Project aims to diversify the economic activity linked to the S. Martinho do Porto Sea, through the sustained use of the endogenous resources – the marine red macroalgae. Two common species in the area Gelidium corneum and Asparagopsis armata, a native species used for many years for agar production and an invasive species, are being studied. The project aims to develop new products considering the physical-chemical properties of each species.

Several tests were carried out with the biomaterial that allowed the identification of several applications for the market. The design results consider patenting (in the process) and moving to PoC (in the preparation phase).


MARE + LIDA / IPLeiria


Isabel Barreto Fernandes (LiDA/IPLeiria) – Scientific Coordinator in the area of Design.
Rute Carreira – Research Fellow (LiDA/IPLeiria)
Mariana Pereira – Graphic Design Collaborator (IPLeiria)

Teresa Mouga (MARE/IPLeiria) – Project Coordinator; Scientific Orientation in the Biotechnology area (
Adriana Duarte – Research Fellow (MARE/IPLeiria)
Mário Cavaco – Research Fellow (MARE/IPLeiria)

Susana Bernardino (MARE/IPLeiria) – Biotechnology and Valorization of resources.
Clélia Afonso (MARE/IPLeiria) – Biotechnology and Valorization of resources.


The Limo do Cais project is funded by Programa Operacional Mar 2020 (Peniche), in the scope of Portugal2020, through European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF), under the project Limo do Cais (MAR-04.03.01-FEAMP-0101). Total funding: 55.478,00€.