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João Mateus has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Lisbon University, a Master’s degree in Multimedia Educational Communication from the Open University, and a Ph.D. in Industrial and Graphic Design Methods and Technology from the University Polytechnic of Valencia, Spain. The subject of the doctoral thesis: “3D Digital Prototyping in the Context of Teaching Design – Its Role in the Conceptual Phase of Industrial Product Development “.

As a researcher, his focus of interest, in addition to the integration of Digital Prototyping Technology within the field of teaching Design, is the relationship between these technologies and the process of sustainable product design.

Since 1990 he has been a lecturer at the Caldas da Rainha School of Arts and Design teaching several courses in Digital Prototyping Technology involving 3D modeling, image synthesis, digital simulation, and product optimization.

His responsibility as the ESAD.CR Digital Prototyping Laboratory Coordinator includes providing services to companies and the school community in the field of additive manufacturing.