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Maria was born in Lisbon where she took her bachelor’s in Equipment Design. During this time, she did two semesters abroad one in ESADParis and another one at POLIMilano. While taking the Master’s in Product Design in ESAD Caldas da Rainha, Maria took multiple courses in Cencal, mainly in ceramics. During this time she was also a volunteer at Trianal de Arquitetura in Lisbon where she was conducting visits in the project Open House. She recently interned in Berlin in a studio that often works on the theme of Food, which is a central topic of her master project, à mesa. Her interest in food, which is often used as tool to connect with the Other, arose when she started discovering new cuisines and working as a waitress.

Maria has published the poster “ Share, City, Bread & Community” in the context of the EFOOD22 Conference and wrote an article for GHOMEZINE “ Intervenção em Design vs Design de Intervenção”. Her project Sabão is part of Design Biennal Porto 23 and Banco is part of a selection of products developed by Luso women.